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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Colouring At Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards

I confiscated these off of Wirecutter and gave him a detention
for trolling in a designated safe place.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Less I Know About This The Better

Although Wirecutter would probly peg these three for Californians
or Okies or Florida residents,
their riflecraft and the fact that they aren't smart enough
to nuke a pizza leaves me thinking they are probably
from Queerbec.

Saturday Morning On Sesame Street...

I can tell you Kermit was right.
It's not easy being green.

Canada's Safe Storage Laws

Up here in Canada if ya wanna own a gun ya gotta write a test to keep otherwise unemployable cod gobbling Newfies at the Canadian Firearms Center employed to prove you are smart and safe enough to be trusted with one. I did it over a decade ago and passed it easily; it was intended more as a rights grab than a cash grab - but Canadians pretty much told the liberal fart suckers where to go and how to get there on that one.

One of the big deals about the course is safe storage of firearms and I can see that - ya don't want curious kids getting into guns and ammo unless they are in the right setting for it. But one of the most lame justifications for safe storage was one that only your typical clot headed liberal idiot could come up with:

The idea is that ya lock the gun up in a cabinet, and lock the ammo up somewhere else. (I don't do it, nor does any gun owner I know). The reason ya do that, according to our liberal firearms experts - is that if ya decide to commit suicide or maybe knock off a liquor store - undoing all the locks will slow you down and give you a chance to think things through and maybe think better of it!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! I'm serious. Yeah, that's why our gun laws are largely ignored by most Canadian sportsmen. Safe storage my ass. Lock 'em up when the little ones are around or you're storing them for an extended period and in the real world, you're fine. When I was a kid there was a gun rack in pretty much every home and we knew we would get flogged if we played with our father's guns.

But then I see stuff like this...

Maybe we SHOULD lock up our flame throwers as well.
Big kids can't be trusted either...

No Surprise There...

Not even a comb-over is possible now.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Formidable Powers Of Observation And Deduction

Well it wasn't Jack - he wears cowboy boots. Wasn't Quartermain, he's pigeon toed,
and BW has thumbs on his feet...
The game is afoot!!!

Blogger Is Still Messing With Me

I seem to be having problems getting comments from Mad Jack. I know I used to have problems with his site as well but that all got cleared up.

If anyone is interested - no, I don't normally moderate the comments. I used to get the odd ass hat through here back when I was too political but they seem to have lost interest and moved on. Apologies to all concerned - hopefully I will get this figured out soon...