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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Filthie Critic VS The Great Wall

I have no taste in movies. Let's just get that clear up front! BCF has the obvious political slant of the show down pat; one has to expect the usual Hollywood BS when the cast is stuffed to the rafters with chinks and the hero is a flimp like Matt Damon, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Typical of the gender challenged Hollyweird producers, all the womyn in the show were beautiful kick-ass empowered females.
The plot redeems itself when most of them get eaten by the monsters.

I admit it. I barfed on some of the vertigo
inducing scenes.

Yannow ya can really get hung up on Hollywood politics - or ya can just sit back, ignore
the subliminal leftist bullshit - and enjoy a good old fashioned CLEAN movie. I am not a prude - but these days, making a movie the whole family can watch that engages them is pretty darn tough. It's probly a renter for most but I was glad to see it in the theatre. It was a good way to get out of the house and make the wife happy.  :)

3.5 fingers out of 5!

Bringing A Bazooka To A Food Fight

Right now everything is funnier than hell. The media hisses and spits at Trump and his cheerleaders – and then the facts smack them right in the gob like a pie thrown at a food fight! Right now they are claiming that Milo Yabbadabbadopolis or whatever his name is – is a kiddie diddler. His cheerleaders like Vox Day are claiming he’s not and are saying that the self proclaimed ‘Dangerous Faggot’ was actually raped as a teen, and how dare those media slobs fling mud at a queer AND a childhood rape victim?!?! What a diseased society, when only faggots can stand up to pedos in a politically correct way? And who knows what the truth is, amidst this ideological shower of shit? I admit, I liked watching him make liberals’ heads explode and then play the ‘gay card’ on them when they wanted to erupt… but we shouldn’t even be having this argument. The fuggin gays are degenerates – never mind the pedos. Our leftist friends really need to start asking their media and themselves some really tough questions. I held my tongue – or at least, my temper – when the queers came prancing out of the closet. But if the libs think they are gonna mainstream pedophilia – jeebers folks, we really, really need to think about that.

Uncle Bob has a good one up about how the media didn’t make Trump – so they can’t take him down and it is driving them nuts. He thinks they are nothing but a joke now – and I disagree. They are still reaching a lot of people, they are actively ginning up hate and focusing it square on Trump and anyone that supports him. The kids aren’t going out to ‘protest’ anymore – they are taking out spiked baseball bats and edged weapons and they are trashing public and private property now. I can tell you with 100% certainty that if they came after me or mine – or my property – there would be shots fired and somebody would be going to the morgue.

I think the media still has the power to tear the country apart and I think they are dumb enough to use it. The NYT the Globe & Mail, and all the other liberal shit rags wouldn’t sell if there weren’t an audience. The niggers are ready for a race war right now. The beaners are carving out chunks of America and will get nasty if they are denied their place at the welfare trough. The socialists think it is their right to tax and spend without oversight to feed these monsters their free lunch. There’s a lot of white people getting sick and tired of forking over cash to appease victim groups that always need more money and handouts for appeasement.

There plenty of tinder and dry wood. All it needs is a match. Newspapers have always been great for getting a fire going. It's all fun and games until the heavy weapons come out...

Monday, 20 February 2017

Via Dirty Dave

Needless to say, Valentines Day didn't go well for him...

The Retirement Rifle Accouterments

A precision Lee Shaver Soule Mid Range ironsight.
Soon I will be dumping buffalo, Yankees, and injuns from distances
exceeding 30 paces.

A cheap Lee  bullet mould, hopefully
throwing Postell 500 gr. bullets

As my favourite You-Tubing Texan likes to say: "Life is good!"

Moooooom!!! The Mohave Rat Is Committing Suicide Again!!!!!

She's been a tough weekend round here.

Yesterday I went out to the range to take a crack at some long range pistol work. It was warm out so I grabbed my cap n' ball revolver (1860 Army repro) - and headed out. I was only shooting at 50m but things went wrong right from the start! I had nothing but misfires and had to drop the hammer on a couple caps twice before they went off! But....lordy, that little gun can shoot. I had a four inch group going but decided to shut the gun down and take it home to clean it right out before shooting it anymore. Might have a weaked hammer spring or something.

Last night the wife made roast and potatoes and I lost control and gobbled myself into a food-coma. I couldn't  stay awake and went to bed early and then started farting like a mule around 11:00. Poor Macey got so disgusted she had to sleep downstairs with Mort and I think my wife died! (A dawg's sense of smell can be both a blessing and a curse I suppose). Then around three I cut a ripper so bad it woke ME up and now, because I went to bed early...I can't get back to sleep! Oh well, I'll just have to have a nap in the afternoon - because it's a long weekend up here in Canada!

So I am half in this world, half in the next as I turn on the computer - bluuurrrrrrgghhh - to find that The Mohave Rat has crapped in the comments up and down and all around! (He must have gotten into the meat and potatoes too). So I went into the blog thingamajig to try and delete his chit - and accidentally deleted a bunch of the comments from the sane visitors too! Sorry about that folks. In my own defense I was half asleep when I did it. As always, your input is sincerely appreciated and we appreciate your stopping by.

Apparently I ruined Rat's life about 3 weeks back when I left a bit of helpful, constructive criticism in the comments of one of his dumber posts. Everything went downhill after that, some folks started leaving other comments for him about 'taking his meds before posting' and the old bastid got so offended - he decided to learn everyone a good lesson by committing suicide! Again.

I know. I KNOW, alright?!?!? Sheeesh!!! I know I shouldn't laugh but I suppose that this is just yet another example of how men age better than women. When men get old and stupid they become the masters of high comedy:

Red Foxx was also a master of the theatrical dramatic exit.

When women get old and stupid, they... they.... errrr....

GAH! Where was I, and how did I get sidetracked down this unsavoury avenue of discussion? Old men ramble too.

Ah, yes! Comments! The comments are being censored moderated. For now. Rat's done this before: he posts something stupid, his readers call him on it or un-follow him, he gets mad at the world and goes off line... and then comes back when his meds kick in or he can't stifle himself anymore and has to pull down his pants in public to get the attention he craves, HAR HAR HAR!

Sorry again for the inconvenience, folks. Please do drop me a line if you're so inclined.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Via Rodger Schlong

Seems like Rodge is doing an unsolicited free plug for Filthie's Speakeasy. I'm STILL mad about it. The guy says all that and then about three numbnutted customers stand up, dump the mags on their guns and pass 'em over!

All I know is I ain't cleaning it up! HAR HAR HAR!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

There Goes $22,000.00...

What's $22k Canadian? $7.23 American?

My beloved pronounces her approval of my
new mobile forest deployment unit.

I must have rocks in my head. I done it. It's got a microwave, a cheezy little sink and a propane stove which is massive overkill for us considering we've always tented it. Heated mattresses, two propane bottles, two batteries and a fridge. Underneath the beds is a storage unit with a chemical toilet. I am going to pull that out and put it beside the steps. I can hardly wait: I will pull into the Mohave Rat's yard in the middle of the night, silently set up camp and in the morning, the old fart will wake up to look out the window and see me taking my ease on the plastic crapper, grunting and farting and reading a newspaper - in his front yard! HAR HAR HAR!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! His old lady will shriek in fright!!!  :) :) :)  Does anyone know how those things work? I suppose when I fill it I will just pour it out in Rat's flower beds when it's time for me to move on. Fertilizer dontchya know.

Up front is a cargo compartment that will house my
camp chair, booze and assault rifles.

When I am not being a prick in the USA I will just cruise the gun club circuit, dropping in to shoot at some of the tournaments and maybe just watching and heckling at the others. I tried to beat up the salesman but hell's bells, they don't dicker or haggle at all anymore. Don't like it Filthie? Piss off! Getting a free deep cycle battery thrown in was like pulling teeth.

I just gagged on the price but good grief, people were in there signing on the dotted line in DROVES for the BIG units costing near or even well over $100k. Couldn't believe the number of kids in there...where do they get the money? They have to be going into debt on a stellar scale. I think it's harder to piss away big gobs of cash when ya have to pay up front and look at it go. Financing 'sanitizes' debt and if yer dumb enough you can forget what your signing on for. Then it's Ramen noodles and Kraft Dinner until the accounts square.

I'm still in shock over actually doing this. I am ordinarily cheap a tightwad careful with my money and I need to get back in the habit again. Fortunately I LIKE Kraft Dinner and Ramen noodles and it's high time I started brewing and drinking my own beer again. I only did this because about 15 years ago I finally bought an ATV. Those things are awesome if your a kid ... but the thrill goes out of them the older and the grumpier you get. I waited too long and should have bought one much sooner than I actually did. I may have waited to long on this toy too...we'll see.

With luck I will be submitting photos for CW's Friday Open road this year.

Cold weather camping, Slim Potatohead Style: