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Saturday, 25 March 2017

No, I Don't Have Squishy-Pants...

...although you would be correct to suspect it! I've been shooting black powder guns all morning. When I got home I threw the brass into soap and water in an expendable Tupperware and now the whole house smells like the sewer backed up! The old lady will have my head when she gets home, HAR HAR HAR!

It'll be worth it. I am almost finished shaking hands with The Retirement Rifle - a Italian made reproduction of the Remington Rolling Block. I put my first serious cast lead boolits through it today too!

Courtesy of CW over at the Daily Timewaster, we can see what properly cast
lead bullets should look like.

Mine came out a little wrinkly... I cast outside and up here in Canada she's still a might chilly during the day and I can't get my lead hot enough to pour like that in these cold temps. I managed to get 12, pan lube them and shoot them.

That's my home brewed ammunition - 500 grain Postell boolits dropped from a cheap
Lee die at .459" diameter.
They're sitting on 63 grains of FFg Black Powder.
Honest to God Black Powder! Accept no alternates!

Preliminary groups came in at around 3" at 150m. That's about as good as I am gonna do at this point, but I have the sights zeroed and things can only get better.

The Hemmorhoid Rifle (1876 Uberti lever gun repro in .45-75 is another story. I am shooting 350 grain flat points in that and groups are running a foot and a half at 150m. I have some homework to do there. But - I have everything firing period correct ammo and the single shot is shooting semi-seriously! Can't beat that!

When I got home the first thing I did was take the guns downstairs and mop them - more stench! HAR HAR HAR! Most folks are amazed to learn that cleaning black powder guns is faster n' cleaner than smokeless. It just stinks a helluva lot more! She was a good day!

Then the stink in the house got the best of me so I went over to Flapz' to help out with a new trailer he's building and rob his beer fridge. His new gal promptly accused me of shitting myself and wouldn't believe me when I told her about the black powder. (Smart kid, I wouldn't believe me either!) Flapz is currently in my debt and I make maximum use of it to take advantage of him and his good nature. Lookit what I found hiding in his dump of a garage:

I'm gonna swap him my super fast Hawker Sea Fury for it. This has a DLE 20 gasser engine and is the plane of my dreams.

In any event, the sun shines, I have dawgs to walk and more bullets to cast and beer to drink.

Try and stay upwind of my place if ya can.

Computer Post Mortem

Well my 'puter is back and I thought it had gotten virused from all the goat porn that I my buddies at work watch on it. The little pakie kid at Staples said it was something wrong with Windows 10 but he couldn't say what. So they wiped it and reinstalled everything and I am off to the races again.

And, I am going up the wall with the grumpy old man blues because MSN news is the default home page on it again. I HATE MSN with the heat of 1000 suns! Well over 50% of the articles are about staggeringly stupid people doing staggeringly stupid things. Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin does the exact same thing but at least he's smart enough to put a good rude joke in the stuff he posts.

Forgot what the MSN title for this chick getting run over by
the cop car was.
WC would have made some sport over it
involving 'Okies' no doubt.
(I am assuming he is referring to people from
Oklahoma with that - I wouldn't know because I am
Canadian and we hate fwench people from Queerbec up here).
Ya never see the damned frogs getting run over
by cop cars.
Pity, that...

As a thought experiment I searched through the intellectual sewage of that homepage looking for something that might appeal to an intellect with an IQ above freezing. I actually found an article where they discovered a super-massive black hole in a galaxy 8 billion light years away and that it moves at 4 million MPH. Of course they couldn't explain the mechanics of that but how many mouth breathers would have the attention span to assimilate something like that anyways?

Then I found this gem -  a heart warming story about a man giving birth to his own daughter. (Click on the link at your own risk). Here comes another fugged up kid into the world, sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. I wonder if that chubster in the vid that got run over by the cop car was raised by degenerates? The nation waits with baited breath to see how this great social experiment turns out!

As for me - seeing as how I have all the wrong opinions and can't tell a couple dykes from a couple trannies - the world has no use for me, nor me for it! Was gonna do coffee with Mary and Pete but they couldn't get out of bed (HAR HAR HAR - Look who's getting old now!). I have better things to do so I'll be out at the range wringing out both The Retirement Rifle and The Hemorrhoid Rifle. I have a few experiments of my own to conduct.

Go outside and play! It's spring, dontchya know!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Filthie's Friday Speakeasy

I was emptying the spittoons getting ready for the Friday Night Happy Hour and wasn't paying attention. Happens every time.

Uncle Bob came in through the front with a newspaper folded over in front of him. Everyone knows Bob can't read! Quartermain came in through the back with a violin case, wearing a fedora and sunglasses. Oh yeah, that woulda set the alarms off... and if that didn't, the sight of WC and BW in spats, cuff links and pin striped suits would have!

The girls were pros at least. Bob set it off: the newspaper fell away and he started banging away with at .38! When the boys pulled their heaters and started shooting up my bar - the gals just kept singing like champs as if nothing unusual was going on! Somebody hit the spittoon I was carrying and it emptied its contents all over my new suit! Bottles of gin, vodka and scotch exploded as Quartermain cut loose with that Thompson chopper of his - the one with the drum magazine. I dived behind the bar and pulled Old Slabsides and was gonna return fire when Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump came in and let those bastids have it with the MP5's and Stetchkins.  The buggers all escaped... but we're all breathing and the girls sound great.

Enjoy your Friday night everyone, and remember to drink and shoot responsibly!  :)

RV Trailer Tutorial

This trailer RV nonsense has me perplexed so I figgered I would turn to my elders for instruction and enlightenMINT.  The boys are always helpful; and chimed in to share their trailering tips.

BW is off for some fishin' fun... that's one way to do it I suppose....

Uncle Bob falls in behind BW...

...and Gorges Grouse is bringing up the rear...

Wherever these guys are going fishin and caming... I think I'll be at the next lake over...HAR HAR HAR!


yesterday I pooped the bed and woke up at 4:00 am. I figured I was up for the day and went out on an extra early Dawg Patrol. The coyotes are right in town now and the started yodelling as we passed through the park. Mort hates them with a passion and went to DEFCON 1 while Macey assumed Attack Posture. Last year we were just coming out of that park and I glanced behind me to see one following us about 20 yards back. I'm a farm kid and I have no love of those mangy bastards myself. Mort is a Great Pyranese and they are legendary coyote killers around these parts. Local lore has it that the 'yotes send one of the pack out to torment and lure the dog away to an ambush where the rest of the pack will fall upon it and tear it apart. Broken hearted owners have literally found their Pyranese dead - surrounded by the corpses of coyotes. I believe they may be better sheepdogs than actual sheepdogs. Mort is probably the dumbest dog I've ever had, but he takes his role as a guardian very seriously.  I knew nothing about the breed when I came across him at the shelter - he just seemed like a big dumb goofy dog... And that is what he is unless he feels threatened. That only goes for animals though - I've never seen him get aggressive with humans.

When we got home it was 5:00 and the wife was up. She told me it was our 32nd anniversary and that we should go out for breakfast the way we did the day after we were married. Where did all that time go?

The restaurant we had our first breakfast as a couple together - is long gone. It got knocked down and a strip mall built up. I still remember it - I had steak and eggs and I think it cost less than 8 bucks. We had breakfast at Denny's yesterday and that part of town wasn't even there in 1985.

We've had some real ups n' downs in life - hell, everyone has these days I suppose. A lot has changed. But sitting here - after that 32 year shitshow with the family, the economy and all the rest of it ... I realize now that I love my wife even more now than I did then. Breakfast was awesome - chattered like we did when we were kids.

I wondered what I would do if I had a time machine - imagine going back to 1985 and changing your life story: imagine she married somebody else, and the family and anger and bullshit never happened...where would I be instead? For me it doesn't bear thinking about.

One of my favourite bloggers is in the exact opposite boats going the other way; he's finalizing a divorce and comments on a curious sense of indifference about it all. None of my beeswax, of course, but I wonder if that isn't numbness? More likely it's a strength of character I sorely lack. The crazed women in my family hit me squarely amidships and I was really depressed about it for awhile. It was so bad I didn't even realize my wife was figuratively under my arm and helping me keep my feet under me. Dunno how I woulda fared without her. My blogger thinks nothing of it; for him, he's moving forward and that's that for that!

He sets a good example.

My wife and are in the same boat. These waters have gotten old, there's nothing to see here anymore, and it's time to hoist the anchor and hit the throttles! 😉👍

Tomorrow it's coffee with King Peter where I will harass him about his sub-calibre 338 Lapua Magnum, and torment his poor wife with my lack of wit. After that I'm gonna run the new generator a bit and start familiarizing myself with the new trailer. Hopefully I'll be able to hit the range too.

Hope y'all have a great weekend lined up yerselves! Now - if you'll excuse me - all engines! Full speed ahead!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

So Much For Security

it just occurred to me... yesterday when I bought that generator it cost me $1400.00 and change out the door.

I've got a $1000.00 limit on my visa in case of theft or loss - if the bad guys get my card or somehow do the identity theft thing - I can take a $1000.00 hit and shrug it off. A $12k hit wouldn't kill me but it would certainly hurt! I have a gun habit to support, HAR HAR HAR!

But yesterday they rung that generator through without blinking an eye! If my anti-theft credit limit was working - shouldn't the transaction have been declined?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Another $1400.00 down the crapper.
Typical Honda, started on the 5th pull (because it's brand new and on fumes)
and purred like a kitten.

If ya gotta trailer and ya gotta boondock it - ya have to have electrical power, right? Right?

BAH! Humbug!

Still and all it will get me outta the house and give me somewhere to be, HAR HAR HAR! Left to my own devices I would be just another senior delinquent, eventually picked up off the streets for vagrancy, and tossed in the can with other washed up old derelicts and relics like BW and Uncle Bob.  :)

It's a 2000 watter and I think it'll run a light bulb or maybe a furnace fan - hell, I dunno what these things can and can't do - the kid at the Honda shop said it should work. If it runs the furnace this weekend I will call it good.

Yannow I went down to my old sporting goods shop and they'll still sell me a rod or a gun - but do ya think they could sell me a good ol' fashioned Coleman lantern that runs on naptha? HAR! Fat chance!  Back when we were kings, we had one of those things putting out the light of a solar super nova all night long - and its hissing was like an old friend. My father in law presided over deer camp from the tailgate where he tended his pride and joy: a THREE burner Coleman camp stove. He did the cooking, cleaned the dishes and tended to his drink and that was his idea of heaven. He always brought a rifle but that was just for show. Without the wife to snark at him he burned 1" steaks, slathered 'em with mushrooms and onions and washed it down with scotch! I would pass out cigars afterward.

Those were good days.

I'm tryng to be happy about it. But in better days, when I was faster on my feet and my blood ran a little hotter, bushcraft for me meant the same thing it did to these beardos:

I didn't dress up in the buckskins or hunt with a flint lock...
but if I had it all to do over again I probably would!

There's a black powder geek-out at our club during the May long weekend every year. I just may take the RV down, park beside the other old geezers, and harass the kids and listen to the tall tales with a drink in hand, and then go back to my trailer and sleep on a heated mattress.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. ;)