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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Keeping Up With Appearances

I put on too many miles on the company truck.

Even though I can use it for personal business, and it's actually a better truck than my own personal one, I still like to drive my '08 Toyota Tacoma. Problem is - is that it's an old man's truck! A couple weekends ago my dad dropped by and that turd brained senior delinquent is driving a piped F150. Yup - 75 years old, and he's chugging around like some fuggin kid with a muscle car! I am green with jealousy and rage. He goes rumbling by and the bubblegummers all swing their heads around to gawk and gape, and the young fellas look on with admiration!

I gotta get in the game or go home. Peer pressure will not be denied.

I figured maybe some classical hunting and fishing decals would spruce up my ride a bit.

Nice. But Wirecutter has those on his truck and I need
something a little flashier.

Remember when these were all the rage? Stackz O. Magz prolly has this on that jacked up monster 4x4 he drives.

Yannow I've almost lost my nuts on trailer hitches and related equipment a
time or two. Those might even be mine but he can keep 'em...
the wife'll never miss 'em, HAR HAR HAR!!!

This might be more in line for the great Filthie Supermarine:

Hmmm. A little more tasteful, but perhaps it's a little too flashy
for an urban chick magnet.
Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh baby, where, oh WHERE have you been all my life?

The perfect example of form following function!
Screw dad, the bubblegummers and the cool kids! Who cares what those idiots think??? Can they do this?
Does life get any better than this? Shoot a turkey, and
wipe your arse with it!
I personally would have shot something soft like a rabbit though.
Yes! I too am a rugged individualist and an outdoor enthusiast! Dammit, where's my credit card?!?
Maybe an old man's truck isn't so bad after all, huh? I wonder if they can make one for a motorcycle?

Gotta Be A Bohunk...

I am often inspired by other bloggers. I am a big fan of Wirecutter's posts from the Land Of Froots And Nuts entitled, "Gotta Be California" where he'll post some ghastly sexual freak show or UFOs engaged in extradimensional activities.

The Canadian version of that would involve our indigenous koobasaw gobbling, vodka swilling Ukranian farmers that live on a plane of existence not understood by modern man or science!

Didjya hear the one about Nestor and Dmytro? They were playing
hockey on the North Saskatchewan when Nestor
got a break away - and was gone for two weeks! HAR HAR HAR!!!
Bohunks, villainy, and lunacy go hand in hand on the North Saskatchewan River. I can't prove it, but it is my conviction that this scurvy lot are definitely rogue bohunks. Farmers: bar your doors.

Har HARRRRR...!!!

A Cute Kitty Picture For The Ladies

Commentary Of The Year


Oh gawd, I'm still LOLLING. Jim is like Uncle Bob: brutally honest about what he thinks and why. And like myself he's prolly WRONG about all of it too!  :) And like all of us the best material shows up in the comments. Behold, as my fellow darkly enlightened semi-neo-reactionary-alt-right colleagues hold forth on the subject of death squads in South America, and drug use in America:

   Uriel Alexis says: 

  1. do you really believe right-wing death squads is a better policy than, you know, just legalizing drugs (and thus profit the hell out of its sales)?
  2. aside of that, I guess the dynamics of slow, then faster, secession from the empire is probably how it goes down. the difference between the Blue Empire and the Soviet Empire is that the Soviets didn’t have a race-driven civil war going on. things will probably be messier in the core of the empire (since State secession has been judged unholy and heretic back in the mid-19th century).

    1. A.B. Prosper says:
    Executing degenerate drug users and sellers improves society. The only people who need compassion are those hooked on legal drugs from a prescription . Otherwise if you use hard drugs, you undermine order itself . Heroin , PCP, Meth, Coke and the rest need to go.
    Now I do favor some legalization , low grade weed, shrooms LSD maybe X etc but people who regulatory use them are degenerates
  • Jack Highlands says:
    At our eugenic peak (roughly, The Enlightenment, which is ironic, given the NRx take on The Enlightenment) we Europeans had arrived there mostly via two trends: the intelligent and industrious outbred the stupid and lazy, and we executed many violent males before they got to breed at all.
    (Note that by eugenic, I mean well matched to the culture the genes had built – we could use more violence-prone genes now.)
    Now, after 250 years of fossil fuel-driven Malthusian plenty, the stupid and lazy are about the only ones breeding at all. One can’t seriously think that the stupidest and laziest being removed from the gene pool via Fentanyl OD’s – or via death squads for that matter – is, in the big picture, a bad thing.
    • Corvinus says:
      “One can’t seriously think that the stupidest and laziest being removed from the gene pool via Fentanyl OD’s – or via death squads for that matter – is, in the big picture, a bad thing.”
      Actually, tens of millions of white people are able to seriously think your proposal–the murdering of the stupid and lazy–is anti-human and anti-God.
      • Jack Highlands says:
        Executing those at the top of the drug chain is no more murder than executing highwaymen was centuries ago. I admit though, even the highwaymen received more due process than a helicopter ride.

Like the boys, I have no patience or regard for druggies and the libertarian idiots that think we should legalize drugs. I may concede there may be a case for pot - but the harsher chemicals? Those kill people and using them isn't a victimless crime. Those zombies will kill to finance their habit and they take their families with them as they head for rock bottom. If there was any profit to the sale of drugs our gubbiments would be all over it. The fly in the ointment is that the social problems they create and the resultant rot of the culture and societies they belong too. The costs of drug use would eat up the profits and are as unhealthy for cultures and societies as they are for individuals.

Methinks that in the interesting days ahead - that our elites will be horrified by the kind of deplorables that will thrive and survive.  :)

Monday, 24 October 2016

Near Redwater Alberta

I've been by here dozens of times. My favourite old farmhouse collapsed in the last year or two and isn't worth looking at.

Today in my travels I pulled off the secondary highway to drain my lizard and saw this. How I missed it all these years is beyond me.

I was pretty proud of my out house bloggery with this one.
Then I proceeded to the only patch of remaining snow on the ground
to do my business...only to see, in excellent penmanship and yellow snow:

Missed Boats: The Murder Of The Father

Although I love to mock and deride Unca Bob and crap in the comments at The Treehouse - I secretly admire the way he thinks. If I recall he did some superlative work awhile ago that should be mandatory reading for all young men where he distills feminism and liberalism as being about the 'murder of the father'.

He knows what he's talking about. Somehow a few new readers have started to drop in to use the Thunderbox - and I appreciate your company and apologize for the odour. Remember to leave a quarter on the counter! For the new guests, some ancient history and a long story short: my immediate family disintegrated 5 years ago when my daughter discovered she was a militant gay lesbian and a social justice warrior. As such, she and her girlfriend figured they were obviously the moral and intellectual superiors in our family, and they would be enforcing their morals, politics and ethics on the rest of us - particularly me, because I was politically incorrect. Not only that, I was a homophobe, a fascist and intolerant  (who knew?) - and intolerance in our new rainbow family would not be tolerated. I should be thankful, they gave me a list of terms and conditions and ultimatums by which our new family would operate - and despite all the effort they put into enlightening me, I rejected them without a second thought. Whatever - I was done as a father, that much was obvious. My gay hipster of a daughter didn't need one or want one and she could do just fine without one. Or so she had been told and taught.

Over the next few years I had a running fire-fight going with my progressive liberal in laws. Their moral high ground was smack-dab in between me and my daughter and if she was going to give me the finger - they made it plain that they approved and supported her. They have always meddled in my family and last year I finally gave those two idiots the punt. My wife had tried to sit on the fence and not get involved in our increasingly bitter confrontations - but enough was enough. I told her she could come with me, or go with her elderly parents - but she couldn't do both. I fully expected to be selling the house, taking the dogs and the liquor cabinet and the bike - and leaving her the rest. Somehow, by the grace of God - I won that one. I told her parents that they could go pound sand too, and that if they approved of my daughters methods, they couldn't possibly have a problem with me using them too.

That was last year.

Yesterday, the old boy sent his daughter a text telling her that he missed her and was wondering how she was doing. Oh boy. My wife tentatively showed me the cell with the message on it - and I wanted to throw that goddamn thing at the wall. I wanted to reply to it and tell that stupid old son of a bitch where to go and how to get there. I am still shocked at how utterly stupid progressive liberals are. That idiot thought it was just fine to undermine me as a father and it didn't even occur to him that I would do the same right back to him if he wanted to get stupid about it!

This is the evil and stupidity that is endemic to socialism, liberalism, feminism and political correctness. They are so utterly convinced of their own righteousness that it doesn't even occur to them that anyone else would oppose them on valid grounds... and make it painful if they insisted on getting stupid about it.

Today, the last I heard, my daughter had a part time job working in a Hongcouver bicycle shop. Not bad for a 32 year old with five years in university, eh? My outlaws? Well, they're in their 70's. They had three children and lost one in childhood to medical problems in a family tragedy. Their remaining son is a public educator and an unabashed union slob. He divorced his feminist wife (in all fairness, the woman WAS an idiot) and threw the kids under the bus with the usual 'shared custody' BS. Mom and Pop think he's a hero, and that their daughter is a disappointment because she married me. Whatever - my mother in law and father in law are now wondering what in hell happened to their family. The fuckers are never gonna get it either. Everyone's hurt, nobody's happy and nobody will step up and try to make things better. I have a couple times but I'm not going to anymore. We're all adults, we can do what we want - and I am not a father and have been told so - bluntly. Screw you guys too, I guess. Ancint history. Spilled milk.

As for my wife and I - yeah, we're hurt but we're moving along. She's an incredible woman and is made from better stuff than either her mother or her daughter. Yannow she just shocked the bejeebers out of me earlier this year. One day she informed me that she was going to church and even got me to go a few times too. Being raised by liberals, I discovered something utterly shocking: Christians are not evil, sanctimonious villains! I know, right? The first time I went to church I was just astounded. They run their services in two sessions on Sunday mornings with coffee between the two. As I walked among them for the first time I felt something there that I can't describe. I think this is what 'community' is. It was right out of Louis Armstrong's song. The guys shook hands with strangers and laughed and chortled with friends. The women were stunning in their Sunday best. And rug rats! They scampered hither and yon, and the grumpy old men barked at them and then went back to stuffing themselves with coffee and cookies. The children paid them no heed. When the services resumed, the little ones had to come out with the adults and sit quietly and respectfully and listen to the preacher for about ten or fifteen minutes. He went slowly through his schpeil ... and finally dismissed the rug rats and they fled like little gibbons to the Sunday School nursery. I would be willing to bet a little bit of learning goes on in there too despite the best efforts of the children. The faith doesn't have all the answers I need in life, but its adherents certainly seem to.

Contrary to the shit you see in the media, and on the Hollywood
talk IS a wonderful world.
It's all too easy to forget that sometimes too.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass

That's NOT how the story goes! Who writes this shit?
Mind you, ya never know these days. Yesterday I believe it was the wife that said it: Alberta is governed by the NDP - half of those losers are commies and the other half are genuine nutters. In any event, it looks like those shit birds are considering legislation that will force catholic schools and homeschoolers to indoctrinate the kids with pan/homo/alternate sexuality in all its politically correct splendour. These days I look at the bitchy faggots, the transgendered sexual freakshows and social justice warriors and I think I've entered some ghastly magical realm filled with perverted monsters! And they want to put these wretched degenerates in charge of schooling your kids. What kind of fugged up moron wants to push that crap at perfectly healthy kids? Hasn't this shit gone far enough?
It's getting scary out there. The soap box failed years ago when the media was bought out by corrupt globalists and Marxists. The ballot box looks like it might fail in the upcoming American election. Hmmmmm. The Soap Box. The Ballot Box. Err...what's that last one?
Oh yes!
God's calibre, as recommended by St. Browning and St. Cooper.
When flipping the bird just isn't enough.